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Ok maybe  it wasn’t exactly his fault but I had to have my wisdom teeth removed this week and my recovery has prevented me from playing or spending much time here on PGT.   I thought I’d pass the time by posting a few shots of Dr. Cary Middlecoff, probably one of the top three most underrated golfers of the persimmon and steel era who turned down a career in dentistry for the PGA tour.  When asked about his career choice, he stated (paraphrasing) “I liked playing golf more than pulling teeth.”  Now I see why.

Here’s a brief list of accomplishments:

    • Won 1949 & 1956 US Open Championship.
    • Won the Masters in 1955
    • Vardon Cup scoring average trophy in 1956
    • Three Ryder Cup teams (1953, 55, 59)
    • 37 PGA Tour wins

Dr. Middlcoff fooling around:

A nice 3 shot swing sequence.  Love that tight right elbow position at impact!

And one of my favorite videos of a Middlecoff practice session.  It really is a beautiful, homemade swing.  Great camera angles allow us to observe a really advanced control of low point.

Enjoy your weekend golf while I’m on the mend!



4 Responses to “Out for a Few Days Thanks to Dr. Middlecoff”

  1. Avatar of Rayg Rayg says:

    Been there, done that !!!
    Funny story, 19 years ago (gosh, where does the time go?) I had both upper wisdom teeth out. Didn’t want to be put to sleep, so asked just for the local.
    Well, there wasn’t much tooth exposed for him to grab at, but he starts going at it and it feels like my entire skull is cracking…. criiickkkk!! criiiickkkk!!!, crackkkkk!!!! He had a lot of trouble, they just didn’t want to come out !!!
    Criiickkk!!!! criiiickkkk!!!!!! crackkkkkkk!!!!!!!……
    Finally they came out, and after looking at those roots, I could see what all the fuss was about !!!
    I’ve often thought they’d make a great necklace mounted on a leather string, but… some things you just don’t get around to doing…

  2. Avatar of freddiec freddiec says:

    I had to have 1 pulled about 2 years ago. The recovery wasn’t that bad. They knocked me out and I’m glad they did. Hope you recover well Riley, don’t forget to follow the instructions they gave you. I had a lot of pain for about 4 to 5 days after and was on pain med, but everything healed up good. Best of luck.

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