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The mysterious Mad Mac is an elusive figure in the underworld of Hickory Golf.  After many months of detective work I was able to track down the friend of a cousin of a former pro who’s brother once caddied with Mad Mac.  A series of brief exchanges with my contact (always through coded notes left at designated drop points and destroyed immediately thereafter) culminated in my receipt of Mad Mac’s Hickory Golf Guide via a throwaway email account.  Subsequent attempts to contact Mac have been unfruitful and the phone number for my contact has been disconnected.  I suspect I would have a better chance of catching a glimpse of the great man on the links itself, digging an Old Gutty out of the heather with a mashie niblick.

The following message accompanied The Guide:


“Attached is the copy of a doc that has been guidance to hickory clients from Amsterdam to Stockholm, from the Carnegie Club to Royal Quebec. All info is immediately forgotten following the opening tee shot, and miraculously restored to memory in the locker room post mortem.”


Download Link: Mad Macs Hickory Golf Guide


4 Responses to “Mad Mac’s Hickory Golf Guide”

  1. Avatar of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie says:

    Funny – I always thought “Mad Mac” was hickorychris’ alter ego as this is the same tip sheet he had at his Goodwood hickory event last Septembr! LOL. There are a lot of Mad Mac references on his website as well.

    The tip on bunker play is spot on – that helped me get up and down that day for a par on the 460 yard 7th. The reward was a nice glass of Talisker whisky on ice that was served as part of the refreshments at the Gazebo refreshment hut, which is immediately adjacent to the 7th green.

    Chris organises a fantastic hickory event day and I would urge everyone to participate in one if you ever get the chance. Most fun day I’ve ever had in golf.

  2. Dang I’m busted… I may have taken some artistic liberties with the back-story. That’s what we do here in the American media and if we get caught we just call it a bit of theater.

    Cards on the table – I have no idea what part of Mad Mac is true and what is false. Maybe Chris can sort it out.

  3. hickorychris replied 4 minutes ago

    “Too true! Och Aye, the noo! Mad Mac is on his pre season holidays.”

  4. Avatar of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie says:

    I just did what “Mad Mac” told me to do and swung it smooth and easy !

    Here’s my approach to the 7th, just before the aforementioned bunker shot:

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