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“Thomo” is one of the most underrated golfers of the persimmon age but has always been one of my favorites.  I love watching his tempo in the old footage.  He could just metronome you to death with a compact, repeatable swing.  Thomson, an intellectual by nature, identified the benefits of the “ground game” early on and refined a swing for maximum functionality on the links courses of Australia and Great Britain. The result was unmatched success in the British Open and perennial dominance on links layouts.   He was a relatively short hitter but earned a reputation as one of the finest strikers of the era.  One of the first to identify the budding, middle of the century trend towards forced carries and target golf on the US PGA Tour, Thomson eventually rejected these concepts in favor of designs that allowed runup and were conducive to low, controlled flights.    A while back I targeted Thomson as a good swing model for me and set out to learn what I could about the man and his approach to shotmaking and the game of golf.

I was disappointed to discover that Thomson never wrote any instructional books but did, in 1957, produce an instructional vinyl LP covering all the basics of good golf.  Through the miracles of E-commerce I was able to nab one for cheap and thought some of you might be interested to hear it too.

WARNING: The presentation is DRY.  Basic concepts of grip, stance, takeaway, top of the swing, downswing, hit and follow through, short game, and putting are covered in succession – sometimes exceptionally slowly.  Unfortunately, no advanced concepts are presented explicitly but the discerning golfer will be able to glean some of Thomson’s feelings and intentions from the material by “reading between the lines”.  There are a few fundamentals that are unique to Thomson’s approach and those few nuggets are pure gold and worth the price of admission.

For instance, I found particularly interesting (and somewhat unique)

  • Thoughts on ball position
  • How to change your grip pressure throughout the swing
  • The usefulness of “neck release” or turning the head through the shot
  • A unique and effective putting grip

You need some patience to distill the good stuff but if you have some time to kill, grab a glass of wine and head back to 1955 for a lesson from Peter Thomson.

Side Note: I apologize for the poor recording quality.  I had to record directly from a speaker, not digitally.  A sound engineer I am not.

I’m still working on recording the final sections so this first post covers  Side 1 of the LP and includes Grip, Stance, Takeaway, and Top of the Swing.  You should be able to play from this site or download the mp3′s.



The Grip

The Stance

The Takeaway

The Top Of the Swing





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  1. Avatar of Rami Valta Rami Valta says:

    I bought this audiobook from iTunes in 2010, but I have since lost the files and it seems it’s no longer available there. I don’t know how far I got before falling asleep, but at least I get to try again now. Thanks!

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