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After Simpson’s win at the US Open last week, the powers that be have committed to making a ruling on the legality of the anchored (belly) putter by the end of the year.  One version I’ve heard bans the belly putter completely.  The other version I’ve heard bans use of anchoring for any strokes make from off the green i.e. putts from the fringe.  Mike Davis may have backed himself into a corner prior to last year’s PGA, stating  “No one’s even won a major using one of these things anchored to themselves.”   His most recent quotes have a different tune:

“The reason we’re taking our time on this is because we want to do our homework.”

“In the history of the game, this is a new type of stroke, especially since so much has changed in the last 18 months in terms of what we’re seeing at all levels of the game, including what junior golfers are doing and how some teachers are suggesting this might be a better way to putt.”

“It really boils down to whether we believe this is the right thing for the future of the game.”

“I think we do owe the golf world some kind of answer before year’s end,” he said. “At this moment, though, there is no decision and no votes have been taken. Nothing’s been decided.”

The R&A have been walking a parallel path, proclaiming their intention to give the belly putter a fresh look.  I hope these organizations have their war chests in order as lawsuits will fly like striped balls from the practice tee.

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On a different note, I thought I’d highlight this honest and concise description of one player’s return to traditional golf.  Reposted with permission:

“… I started to work on sets and practiced a lot with them but when I had a game I stuck with my old Srixon cavity backs and a frying pan.  I did this mainly because I had my main event of the year in late April (just a member guest, nothing too big) and did not want to shock the system.  I did a lot of practicing with the old irons, but not so much with persimmon.  About mid March, I was just ready to get the main event over so I could go retro full time.

Needless to say, it has been nice.  Granted most of my playing is only on empty muni’s or a 3 hole practice course I frequent, but these past fews weeks have been way more fun playing-wise and truly eye opening to what old equipment can do to your pysche.  A couple of weeks ago I was out at the 3 hole course playing 4 or 5 balls which I have always done, and I was just hitting my new/old Penna 240 yards into a peach basket.  Seriously, they were all within 10-12 feet of each other and with a nice power fade (never hit a fade until abs).  I’ve played 4-5 balls a round a million times and have never ever done that.  Done  it with a 7 iron plenty, but not a driver much less one that is supposed to be “unhitable”.  A few weeks ago I started puting my ’53 mac m85′s in the bag and have just fallen in love with the thick topline and tiny head.  If you’ve never looked down at one, it’s nothing you’ve ever seen.  Once you get over how small they are they just feel like one big sweetspot.  I feel like I’m playing tennis with a wooden racket again and smackin the same spot on the gut strings.  Today I was at the first tee course with my 8 year old (actually a pretty decent executive little nine holer) and brought out my 66 Hogan Percussions with dg shafts that were pulled from modern titleists. They felt like Pings compared to the m85′s.  Shafts were just a little too long and the heads just a little too big… I never thought I would think that a set of mid 60′s blades would feel too clunky, but don’t get me wrong, I still love those Hogans-I had fun taking the old rusty shafts out, steel wooling them to death and bending them all around.  It’s just eye opening how your perspective can change, and quickly.

I tried to hit one of those white Taylor Made things at a scramble the other day and whiffed, yes wiffed, not once, but twice.  After the laughter died down I grabbed my Penna and smacked a nice little 240 yard cut…”


Somehow I stumbled across this traditional golf blog by Aoi Ken.  It’s all in Japanese, I have no idea how old it is or anything – I just thought it was cool to confirm that there are people all over the globe who think this stuff is interesting and want to maintain golf’s connection to its history.  Here Google’s translation – you can tell this guy likes his classic gear!


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  1. Avatar of St Hubbins St Hubbins says:

    Nice link to the Japanese site. He’s obviously a M43 & 693 man.

    A few years ago, I found another great site on Yahoo Japan, a guy who has all sorts of beautiful persimmon and blades.

    Link here

    Check out his collection of balata balls!

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