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The history of golf is intertwined with the history of the MacGregor Golf Company. Since its inception in the late 19th century, MacGregor maintained a reputation of excellence in club-building that lasted until the end of the persimmon era. Led by the ingenuity of their player-advisors and engineers, the team at MacGregor was responsible for the Tommy Armour line, MT line, and many of the most famous and sought after individual models of the persimmon era. Despite showing flexibility to recreate and improve their gear lines for decades, the one pivot they couldn’t make was from persimmon to titanium. In 2009, the historic MacGregor golf company was acquired by Golfsmith, a big box commercial retailer. Fortunately, we have a treasure trove of classic clubs crafted by hand and available for acquisition. Whether its to play or simply admire, it really doesn’t get much cleaner than a 945 or M43.

Longtime Mac employee Robert D. Rickey took the time to chronicle the history of the MacGregor Golf Company in exceptional detail into the attached unpublished manuscript. Those who are interested will find marketing strategies, technological innovations, and a catalogue of the craftsmanship and leadership that allowed the company to thrive for so long. Enjoy this one, it’s a good read.


MacGregor_History <– Download Link

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