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A quick review of my ebay history indicates I haven’t made any purchases this golf season! Despite a bit of a hiatus, it’s still fun to see what’s out there and I like to populate to “ebay alerts” thread to help my fellow traditional golfers out. Despite my best intentions to avoid committing to buy, I found myself transferring funds for a pair of blonde Mod 65 by Penna.

Here are the reasons I used to delude myself into believing I NEEDED two more clubs:

-I’ve had success playing a 50′s model MacGregor Penna so my man Toney has already earned my trust.

-I wanted to see how the Penna designs had evolved over the course of 30 years

-I don’t own any blonde drivers so I wanted to see how it felt at setup and as and from the corner of my eye throughout the swing.

-The 70′s and 80′s era Pennas are more readily available so I knew I could get a good price.

-Two main decades of persimmon interest me the most: 50′s era (classic Mac designs) and 80′s era (the evolution of persimmon designs) so this was a nice bookend to the clubs of the persimmon era.

-The 80′s era clubs sometimes come with recognizable, modern shafts and these Penna’s have Dynamic Gold S400′s (original) which are the same shafts as my main set of Wilson Staff blades.



Observations from the Penna Mod 65′s so far:

The driver is large, perhaps the largest of any that I own. Equivalent to the Armour 693 but taller top to bottom. The face sits slightly closed for both the 3 wood and the driver. I can open up the driver face pretty easily and then let it close on the way down to hit a nice draw. I found it hard to hit a fade with the driver. The closed face is tougher to deal with on the 3 wood. I was hitting solid pulls with good distance all day.

The s400 shaft performs nicely and makes a nice transition from the 2iron right into the woods. Distance was equivalent to my longest persimmon gamers but the trajectory was a bit lower than my m43. The big head provides some nice weight to the club and I wouldn’t want to have a clubhead that big on any shaft more flexible than stiff.

In summary, I doubt the 3 wood will replace my Cleveland Classics TC15 anytime soon. The driver could work its way into the regular rotation but I understand why some people shave the face of these 80′s Penna’s. It wouldn’t be a club I’d recommend to anybody who fights a hook on a regular basis.

Driver checks in at 13.0 oz.
3-wood is 12.5 oz.

Neither appears to have ever contacted a golf ball before I took them to the course.  The only flaw is a small blemish in the coating toward the toe on the leading edge of the driver.  It looks more like it was bumped in transportation than chipped from a popped up golf ball.  I look forward to taking these out to the course where they should be and letting them do what they were meant to.


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