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One great thing about the week of a major championships is sometimes the vault gets opened up and we have access to vintage footage of classic tournaments.  The Open was no exception this week and offered a chance to look back through history at every Open Championship to date.  Unfortunately, the two minute clips have little footage of the actual golf swings – usually one to two per video.  Through the miracles of modern technology I was able to pull and compile the available full swings into a mashed up assembly for your viewing pleasure or personal study.  As a student of the game, I have opted to repeat and slow the swings in a manner similar to the ABS “Vault”.  I find it’s a great way for students of the swing to process what they are looking at.  With so many swings on repeat the video is fairly long, so grab a beer, kick back, and enjoy some world class execution.

My favorites ( all of which I had never seen before) include Phil Rogers at Sandwich, 1981, Henry Cotton at Sandwich, 1934, Dai Rees (unbelievable swing!) at St. Andrews, 1946, Walter Hagen at Hoylake, 1924, and Bobby Locke at Sandwich, 1949.  If anyone is curious to know the story of the tournament and not just a short swing clip, I encourage you to check out The Open Championship’s website.

Here’s a complete list of the compilation:


Armour, Carnoustie, 1931

Azinger, Muirfield, 1987

Cook, Muirfield, 1992

Cotton, Sandwich, 1934

Rees, St. Andrews, 1946

DeVicenzo, Hoylake, 1967

Faldo, Muirfield, 1992

Stranahan, Hoylake, 1947

Daly, Hoylake, 1947

Player, Carnoustie, 1968

Hagen, Hoylake, 1924

Baker-Finch, Royal Birkdale, 1991

Nicklaus, Carnoustie, 1968

Nicklaus, Muirfield, 1966

Jones, Hoylake, 1930

Locke, Sandwich, 1949

Miller, Royal Birkdale, 1976

Palmer, Royal Birkdale, 1961

Rogers, Sandwich, 1981

Snead, St. Andrews, 1946

Thomson, Royal Birkdale, 1965

Woods, Hoylake, 2006

Trevino, Muirfield, 1980

Watson, Royal Birkdale, 1983

Watson, Carnoustie, 1975

Whitcombe, Sandwich, 1938


Please note that I own no rights to these videos clips, nor do I benefit financially in any way from showing them to you.




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