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If Ben Hogan was the most enigmatic golfer of all time, then his disciple John Schlee wasn’t far behind.  By all accounts a loner more interested in  astrology than women and booze, Schlee wrapped himself in a golfing bubble that never burst until he passed away from Alzheimer’s disease on his 61st birthday.  A Hoganite since discovering 5-Lessons in the late 50′s, Schlee was taken under Hogan’s wing after the two met on the driving range (where else?) in 1969. By 1973 the former journeyman was a force to be reckoned with and only a 63 from Johnnie Miller prevented Schlee from holding a major championship.  Did Hogan give Schlee his true secret?  We’ll never know – but a look at Schlee’s swing shows a world class slotting move that can only be described as “Hoganesque”.

Despite the “cult classic” status of his Maximum Golf program, it’s difficult to impossible to find any footage or swing sequences from Schlee.  I was able to assemble a few sequences from some scattered and cropped images to generate some rare John Schlee swing compilations.  Besides maybe Sergio, you just aren’t going to find anyone in these positions anymore… Enjoy!


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  1. Avatar of Anton Anton says:

    these are from his book and tape Maximum Golf respectively. Tom Bertrand must have some more footage and pictures of John Schlee outside of that material but i havent seen anything posted either. its great that you managed to put them together since they made it to sorta public domain on the internet at least they can be re/posted elsewhere based on that and people could see his swing and Ben Hogan mechanics in it in John Schlee own way. great post!

  2. Do you own the book and tape Anton? Is the instruction good? Prices are ridiculous on Ebay…

    • Avatar of Anton Anton says:

      yes, i have both and its good instruction but he had his own approach to it. i think the video compliments the book nicely. if you have to make a choice and get just one or the other definitely go with the book. the video helps with material in the book but not as good as the book on its own in my opinion. you can get both as digital downloads from Tom Bertrand @ http://www.thesecretofhogansswing.com he sells them for $29.95 each.

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