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For whatever reason, the growing call for change has become a chorus this week.  Apparently, no topics are out of bounds and we have heard the players weighing in on anchored putters, 460cc drivers, and the general effect of technology negating the skills of the pros at the highest levels.

Here we go…


First up we get a lively debate from the team at the golf channel.  What’s interesting to me is that the commentators are consistently referring to them as anchored putters.  This is no doubt to lay the groundwork for a stroke based ruling, hopefully in the near future.  Personally I’d prefer to leave them legal for amateurs but bifurcation is a still a no-no word.


Then there was Webb Simpson’s response to the threat to his belly putter: a logical explanation of how 460cc drivers have made it hard for the good drivers to take advantage of superior skill:

“You take a wooden driver compared to a 460 cc’s titanium, and to me that’s a lot bigger difference than a 35 inch putter to a 45 inch putter. Also last year, the strokes game putting, nobody in the top 20 used a belly putter or a long putter. If anybody says it’s an advantage, I think you’ve got to look at the stats and the facts.”

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And finally we have young Rory McIlroy reiterating how the influence of technology has made it hard to differentiate oneself:

“But I think one of the big things is the technology. I think 25 years ago you had the really good players that could play with basically anything and nowadays the technology lets maybe some of the lesser players catch up with the better players. And I think that’s why you see so many more guys winning these days.”

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If I have anything to add to reports it would be the that I’m encouraged to see the younger generation joining the process of raising awareness for the state of the game. It seems less likely that the younger pros who grew up with titanium and ProV1 would understand the implications of the technology. Alas, as usual, we are left with more questions than answers and while it’s great to spread the word about challenges we face, it’s a lot harder to develop and implement changes that are sustainable. That’s where the sponsors and lawyers still hold all the cards.

These are all things we’ve discussed here in the past few months:





FYI – I’m leaving today for my first ever trip to Bandon, OR (Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, etc.)!  I may not be able to update until next week because I’ll be slingin’ the Persimmons (and a modern driver too) up on the Pacific Coast.  The Mac M43 is the one that made the cut – a real solid block that I have so much confidence in. Staff blades and Cleveland TC15 3 wood too. Game feels great and I’ve had some of the best practice sessions of my life in preparation for this trip. Rest assured I’ll be collecting material to share when I return.  Keep em in the fairway…

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