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A recent post by Freddie in the forums area got me thinking about audio feedback and the sound of proper compression. I think it’s important to remember that you get feedback on the quality of a strike from three of the five sense: sight, feel, and sound (if you are assessing your shots by smell or taste then something went terribly wrong, although I could buy into the idea that master-level players use their nose and mouth to help assess things like ambient temperature, air humidity, wind direction, etc. in the pre-shot routine). I think there is a tendency to forget about feel and sound as part of the feedback loop and just look at the flight of the ball. But we all know that sight alone can be deceiving. In my experience (at least in my weekly skins game), I see a lot of guys using high-tech gear who hit shots that they love in the air and are shocked when the ball flies the green, landing 10-20 yards long. I feel as though using blades lets me know the quality and character of my shots before I even see them, all from feel and sound.

I thought I’d offer up an all-star survey of my favorite sounding strikes available on the internet.

Think you’ve got something better? Post your best sounding strikes! Let’s continue this discussion in the forums area. I’d like to expand on this idea in the coming months.

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