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This is the third feature of the “What You Are Missing” series. This series is for the golfer who simply doesn’t have the time to keep track of all the technological advances available to improve your game without changing your technique, practice habits, or athletic ability. Other episodes can be found here and here. Today we’ll feature the Nike Data Collecting golf clubs and the Callaway 2013 Driver.

First up for your consideration we have the newest technology from Nike Golf. If you love swing vest, Trackman, and kinetic chain mapping then this is definitely for you! Why simply rely on external systems when you can get your data collection apparatus directly on your golf club! According to Nike, traditional club fitting is outdated and the next phase for mankind is direct integration of sensor technology into the clubhead.

According to Bloomberg News:


The world’s largest producer of sporting goods obtained a patent Sept. 4 to put data-collecting sensors on golf clubs to improve personalization. In one scenario, the analysis of a swing is shown on a display screen embedded on the back of the club’s head. That would make getting fit for golf clubs faster and more precise, the company said.

“Custom fitting is outdated, and can be inaccurate,” Nike said in documents posted on the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. While most fitting is done indoors on a hard surface, the new club would allow golfers to measure a swing out on a course, which would garner more accurate data, Nike said.

Oh goody, now the guy at my local range can recycle his Speedstick and Gyroswing and get all the numerical satisfaction he needs from one place! I can imagine him now hitting a half-shank into the side of the grill and then connecting his USB cable from the golf club to his smart phone to download the readings. After some sorting and filtering in Excel he could plot up the data in some nice bar charts, maybe get a few swings and do some statistical analysis. Only after verifying a normal distribution of the key metrics can he conclude with 95% certainty that his angle of attack was faulty. Print that baby out or save it in the cloud, your choice! Then it’s on to the putting green to get some work in with the Ping putting app and iphone cradle.


If technology isn’t your thing, you still have a chance to get the latest and greatest in color schemes. Following the breakout hit of TaylorMade white drivers, Callaway is attempting to cash in on the craze with a multitude of optical offerings.

I’m really hoping for a nice bergundy or a mild indigo or mauve. If they have hazel with green flecks I could match my eye color perfectly. Seriously, these things look more and more like they come from Toys-R-Us every year. It will be interesting to see if they can pay any of the staffers to go with the purple. Please stick with black Phil…it’s slimming.

With COR maxed out, there’s really nowhere else for the design engineers to go. Gone are the days of developing a new material or thinning the face beyond all previous limits. Clubs are maxed and we are faced with only customization and paint jobs. Good luck differentiating your product in 10 years…

Even the boisterous boys over at GolfWRX have mixed feelings this time around.

“Finally I can match my driver with my shoes! Cally- keep making bad clubs with nice colors thats the way to go!!” – boulAAYYY

“I knew this would happen but I still like Matte Black the Best. This does nothing for me at all.” – lightningbolt444

“Which color is longest? “ – Tgstan

Well there you have it. Another great way to spend $400. Of course, if you prefer a more traditional look rather than the robot club or Skittles paint job, you could always invest in one of these:


Or maybe these:


Or, if you are the rare breed who actually likes spending your money playing the game than buying clubs to look at jump out here (Pasatiempo) and play away…

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify!” – Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Avatar of In the Dirt In the Dirt says:

    Too bad you didn’t wait a couple days make this post – you coulda included the new Taylormade Super Tour irons. If black is good and white is better, then black and white spots must be the ultimate in performance! I’m sure many will bag the zerbras and hit em just the same – sideways.


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