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Persimmon Golf Today friend and “Talkin Golf” host Rod Morri was nice enough to spend some time with me talking about traditional golf and the new website. The interview covers the origins of this website, the various reasons why momentum for traditional/persimmon golf is growing in the modern era, and the practical aspects of playing persimmon in the titanium age.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear Rod’s shows he has some great archives that span the full spectrum of golf from competitions to swing theory to course architecture. Great fun to revisit some older shows and we look forward to reports and analysis from the upcoming Presidents Cup.

Here’s a link to Talkin Golf Radio where you can hear the interview:

Talkin Golf Radio

I’ve also added the file as a download on our Interviews page (top of homepage).

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  1. Avatar of thomas thomas says:

    Fantastic interview with Rod. You explained this website and the movement towards traditional gear perfectly. Thank you.

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