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One of the rarest and most informative views of the golf swing is the “above” or “aerial” view. For me, it’s much easier to figure out exactly what the golfer is aspiring to achieve when you feel like you’re in the cockpit yourself. Some of the positions I see in the aerial views of great golfers allow the observer to truly appreciate the dynamic and athletic nature of a classic golf swing. There is just so much more lower body movement in the classic model. Here are some of my favorite aerial sequences:

Extra credit if you can name the golfer -

And who’s this young buck? Answers in the comments section.

Here’s the position that is tough to get into.  My right wrist just does not like to be bent that much so late in the downswing.  Interesting to see the different options for hip rotation at this point in the swing.   I think Johnny saved it until the end which is why he had that ankle-breaking late lower body move through the hit.

And an interesting look at the hand action after the release:

Here’s a little video I compiled that shows a few overhead shots.  Enjoy!


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  1. Top sequence: Bruce Devlin.
    Bottom sequence: Tom Watson.

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