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Here I go again…

After recently espousing the virtues of my golfing austerity, I’ve gone and given in to selfish impulses.  Apparently having the money in the old paypal account was just too tempting.  To be fair, you occasionally see  clubs that are pretty darn unique and that you are unlikely to ever come across again.  That was the case for Ian Woosnam’s Maruman Conductor irons that I snagged  for what I consider to be a pretty fair price.  According to the seller, these are one of two sets prepared by Maruman for Woosie to game in the late 80′s / early 90′s.  They were taped up to his specs and were fitted with standard Dynamic Gold S400′s which were his shafts of choice at the time.  Apparently he took both sets out to the range and selected the sister set to game right away, with this one as a backup.  They have his named stamped on the back and he was a known Maruman staffer, so even though you can never be certain I consider it pretty legit.  Here’s a shot of him playing what could be the sister set:

Having never held, hit, or seen any Maruman club in person, I was struck by what a beautiful and functional blade the Conductor is.  It’s a classic muscleback blade design with a single step between the muscle pad and the top of the club.  The topline is VERY thin, which swept, rounded edges at all corners. Just a touch of offset – enough to line the front edge up with the middle of the shaftline.  This amount of offset is pretty common in 80′s and 90′s blades.

The challenge with having such a thin upper portion is that the deadweight and/or swingweight are sometimes difficult to get up to spec.  The clubmaker has corrected for this by adding lead tape just above the muscle pad in long strips.  Only the short irons have the tape.  This will also serve to raise the center of gravity and keep the flight down.

Another nice feature of the Conductor is the sole.  One area where I believe the blades of the 80′s and 90′s meet or exceed the functionality of the earlier generations is the sole design (and therefore interaction with the turf).  The Conductors have perhaps the thinnest and most rounded sole of any clubs I have ever seen.  Apparently, this was a concerted part of their marketing strategy – there is a “Maruman Sole” stamp on the heel of the reverse side.

Here are some specs I measured for you equipment junkies.  Sorry I don’t have swingweight or lie angle.

I’m not really sure what I want to do with these yet.  I may stash them in the collection for a while and try to resell em.  Either way, I’m absolutely going to give them a hit or two.  It’s going to be a blast to swing Woosie’s club, even if I’ll never make the ball fly like him!

10 Responses to “Recent Acquisition – Maruman Conductor Pro”

  1. Avatar of Chris B Chris B says:

    Those Maruman soles where design to stop the club digging if I remember their adverts! Also better from the rough apparently.
    Played the CX42′s for a long time and a super club.
    If you don’t get on with these give me a shout!!

  2. Avatar of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie says:

    Maruman Conductor 31-EX was my second set of irons that I used from 1996 to 2011. Great irons … Still got them. I read somewhere that all the Conductor irons were Miura forged. This is a wonderful find, Riley, and for me a ‘keeper’ !

  3. Avatar of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie says:

    I should add that you should email Maruman in Japan … They sent me the official spec sheet for my 31 EXs, so I expect they have one for Conductor Pros. Would be interesting to see how that compares to what you measured!

  4. Avatar of Rami Valta Rami Valta says:

    Great looking clubs! I like the thick lead tape they used.

  5. Avatar of Big Louis Big Louis says:

    How flat are the lies on these irons? Woosie was not a tall man so I am assuming he must have had them bent flat. Have you measured them yet?

  6. Avatar of freddiec freddiec says:

    Congrats !Those are great looking tools ! Thats what I like about collecting, you just never know what your going to see next and your absolutely right, sometimes you just can’t help but grab something so rare and of such high pedigree, especially when you know you can flip them and break even. I hope you have a blast with those out on the course during your test drives. I think you’ll find it exciting to grip it and rip it with clubs that were suited for a Major winner.

  7. Avatar of Jeff Stern Jeff Stern says:

    Maruman was poised for takeoff in the states when it signed back-to-back U.S. Open champion Curtis Strange in 1990. Like Curtis’ career afterwards it did not not live up to the hype. Very well made clubs, but were so outrageously priced (as is brand new Hiro Honma clubs are today) as to of excluded +98% of the potential consumer market. Having stars such as Strange, Woosnam and Laura Davies did next to nothing for this manufacturer. By 2000 a.d. you could not find Maruman most anywhere in North America.
    Enjoy the blades and the memories of another asia company that thought if the superstars (which they paid handsomely) would play their clubs, a lot of other americans would buy them. A side note- Honma produced some of the most lovely asian persimmons for years, albeit most were with american grown persimmon wood!
    All the best to all, the Forged radical

  8. Avatar of jackson33 jackson33 says:

    Hello I saw your posting and was in awe! I grew up under a PGA pro who intoduced me to the game in golf in 1991 when a 5’4 guy from wales won the masters. I was so in awe a inspired that a guy of my stature on could do something so big, I went out and snuck on the course and have never stopped playing since. I went on to become a stand out junior and hold all my high school records and was a club pro. I say you said in your post you might part with these clubs. If you would I can promise it would be the best thing that ever happened to me. i would be willing to trade you a set of Maruman conductor lx ll 30 cx in mint condition, a set of Macgregor VIP v foil 1025 mb all blade irons in mint condition, and a set of Hogan apex ll vintage 83 in perfect condition for your set. I am the biggest Ian woosnam fan on the planet and would treasure them with my life. If you arent a super fan like I am this is more than a fair trade, especially if you are a collector of blade irons. My email is jcauchois33@yahoo.com please let me know how you feel about this. thank you for taking the time to read me email.

    Best Regards Sincerely,

    Jack Cauchois

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