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Random happenings in the land of traditional golf!

To lead things off: Persimmon Golf Society founder Christian doing his thing with a nice PT1 from 1960. This is how you swing a persimmon boys and girls!


Next on the list – a vintage “What’s in the Bag” from 1973! This Wilson bag is played by Billy Casper…maybe you’ve heard of him? 3 majors and 5 Vardon trophies? Here are the specs:

Wilson Staff Buttonback
Swingweight: D4 – D5
Length: 2-iron – 38 1/2 inches long (3-iron shaft on a 2-iron head)
Length: 9-iron – 35 1/2 inches
Shafts: Dynamic S
Grips: Leather Wrap

Wilson Staff Model-11 head with brown “Cognac” finish and scarlet “Cycolac” insert
Swingweight: D2
Shaft: Dynamic R (!)
Grips: Leather Wrap

And Dave Stockton, one of the best putters of all time. Also from 1973:

Spalding Elite
Swingweight: D3
Length: +1 inch
Shafts: Custom, Stiff
Grips: Oversize Golf Pride Velvet Cord

Spalding Top Flight
Swingweight: D3
Shaft: Custom, Stiff, Graphite
Grips: Oversize Golf Pride Velvet Cord

Plenty of lead tape!


And finally, I got asked about my current “modern set” on the forum side. I used my beloved Wilson Staffs until I beat the grooves out of them and could not hold a green from the rough. They are currently resting in a place of honor (the garage). Going into this summer I purchased some RAC’s from 2005. I love the m85′s of the 50′s and thought it would be a subtle “tip of the cap” to traditional muscleback blades to play the descendents of the the m85′s. I thought I’d take a few pictures to show the difference between vintage and modern.

You’ll see a modern 8-iron next to a vintage 7-iron; these clubs both go 140 yards for me and are similar length and loft. The main differences are the hosel which is realy long in the m85 relative to the RAC and the sole/leading edge which are super sharp in the m85. The m85 weighed out at 14.5 oz, RAC was 14.0 oz.

2 Responses to “Odds and Ends”

  1. Avatar of Jordan Jordan says:

    does anyone know what kind of putter that is in stocktons bag?
    Kinda looks like some sort of ironmaster but i can make out the writing on the soul.

  2. I cannot tell the exact model but you are right, it looks like an ironmaster or some other flanged blade.

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