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It wouldn’t surprise me if many fellow lovers of traditional golf also happen to be bibliophiles. A good book can transport you in time and connect you with earlier generations in the same way as swinging a vintage golf club or walking through the grounds of a beautiful, classic golf course. Unfortunately, it’s often challenging and expensive to acquire hard copies of many classic golf books. Digital copies let us enjoy and appreciate the content of many great golf books even if they don’t come with the lovely smell of old pages and worn leather. At least they are true scans (and not just transcribed), letting us see the old typefaces and layouts.

Under the “Media” tab on the Persimmon Golf Today homepage, I’ve added a new “Books” subpage where you can find my digital collection of golf books. Most of these are courtesy of Google Books and I would like to formally state my thanks for their digitization efforts. There is some funky stuff in there as well that I’ve collected in my “travels”. Feel free to download as you please; if you have additional books in PDF form please send them my way and I’d love to add them in (looking for books, not individual articles). The only stipulation for accessing the page is that you have to be logged in – if you try to access the Books page when not logged in you’ll be redirected.

Here are a few excerpts to whet your appetite:


Jim Barnes club pics and specs, from Picture Analysis of Golf Strokes by Jim Barnes:


Dr. MacKenzie’s thoughts on “ideal holes”, from Golf Architecture by Alister MacKenzie:


Jack White demonstrating his form for a long approach putt (yes I said putt), from The Art of Putting by Walter Travis and Jack White:


Chick Evans lamenting his inability to win a semifinal match (eventually he would!), from Lyrics of the Links by Various Authors. Can you imagine Westwood writing a poem about his “top 3″ finishes in majors?!


For those of you whose summers may be coming to a close – I hope these selections will help keep you busy through the fall and winter seasons. Enjoy!

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  1. Avatar of Rami Valta Rami Valta says:

    Great stuff. I almost read the Mackenzie book in one sitting. Excellent read.

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