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Are our ideas about technology’s effects on the game here at PGT really that outlandish? For any who might suggest that technology has been great for the game, here’s a reminder that the USGA once acknowledged its mission was to protect “skill” in golf and that LIGHTER FASTER FURTHER is not always in the best interest of the game.

2 Responses to “PGT Flashback: The Importance of Technology vs. Skill”

  1. “but technology could become more important than ability” oh the irony!

  2. To buy a new modern club incorporating all the latest technology in the belief that it will lower your score – is IMHO nothing short of cheating, but the worst form of cheating, that being cheating yourself.

    Technology is important and we should embrace it but in the form of giving us consistency with ball, clubs and course. That is what the gutty ball did for the game in the 19th Century, it allowed the game to prosper and mature based upon a constant or reliability that the ball will remain a ball, so perform as a ball even when wet, alas something the old feathery seemed unable to do once we. Also this early technology gave the game a great start in that the gutty ball was approx. 5 times cheaper than the feathery – this helped bring the game into the financial reaches of the average man.

    Like all things leadership is required but today we seem to get very little back from The R&A, perhaps they are just too busy making money and have forgotten their core responsibility which is to the game and not money.

    Technology is good for golf, but it must be used and controlled correctly and not just another aid to reduce ones score. Skill is what makes golf, no matter what level of skill that is because it needs to work hand and foot in conjunction with understand the architecture (course design) and how to navigate the course without surrendering to playing the aerial game, which minimises the whole skill debate.

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