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PGT member Tim aka Teevons was nice enough to share a little project of his – a rework of (perhaps) the rarest article in the world of persimmon golf clubs.  For those who don’t know, the WW Special is the 1909 Honus Wagner of classic clubs.  The WW Specials date to 1954 and were available only by custom order.  Designed by Toney Penna, the WWs had medium-deep faces and a variety of inserts – generally the black/white/black Eye-O-Matic or a solid color fiber secured with either 4 or 6 screws.  Colored with a distinctive white finish, the paintfill was usually red or black but you could order the WWs any way you wanted – the only constant was the white finish.  These are so rare nowadays that many seasoned collectors have only seen 1 or 2 sets in their lifetimes.

Tim did a fine job refinishing these clubs with black lettering and red numbers.  Enjoy!


As a funky coincidence, I happened to see a set of WW’s come up on Ebay recently for the first time in my 3 years of interest in vintage clubs.  Curious as to how much one of these rare sets is worth?  This set sold for $50,000 IN THE FIRST DAY LISTED.  Looks like Tim has some gold on his hands.

These are the ones that sold on Ebay:


3 Responses to “White Woods Sighting(s)!”

  1. Avatar of tim tim says:

    Unbelievable set on the Bay, I had heard there was a set of 1-6 from persimmonpal but thought he was dreaming. Unreal, 50K?? All original with black leather grips and TT shaft bands and neck numbers?? Wow

  2. Avatar of Jeff Stern Jeff Stern says:

    Tim did a superb job of restoration on this set of Mac/ Penna’s. It is telling that this color scheme only was offered for one model year as opposed to the ‘white’ fad started by TaylorMade (@2011) that is now dying out. TM itself is leading the way out of the fad by not even producing their latest wonderclub in white. Such are the ways of marketing.
    Stay warm, the Forged radical

  3. I believe I heard Charlie Penna mention one time that the color was discontinued because the pros did not look the look of it. I’m sure it didn’t help that the process was tedious and time consuming.

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