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Just some off-season happenings in the world of traditional golf… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The ninth annual World Hickory Open Championship completed play not too long ago.  Montrose Medal Course (1562!) hosted the competition and by all accounts the weather showed up to challenge the participants in proper “Open Championship” style.  Despite the harsh conditions, initial reports indicate that good times were had by all.   See if you can spy the PGT insider in this Sky Sports footage:

I love reminiscing about the past but the purpose of this site is to promote playing traditional golf TODAY.  What better way than some hickory golf on a classic links?


Next up:  Traditional golf champions Louisville Golf reached deep into their vault to bring out something pretty special – the spec sheet on Tiger Woods’ personal persimmon driver!  Apparently Tiger used this model to sharpen his ballstriking around 2004.  That’s the strategy I’m employing now! Very interesting to see how open Tiger wanted the face shaved.  200 – 205 g weight with a phenolic insert rounded out this beauty.


And last but not least- some more good stuff from Tim’s collection.  Nothing like the Hogans for pure beauty – true golf porn.




4 Responses to “Odds and Ends”

  1. Avatar of Jeff Stern Jeff Stern says:

    Fellow PGT contributors/readers,
    The APEX model name will reappear for 2014 but without the famed BEN HOGAN monogram. Instead it is to be engraved with the Callaway moniker- an insult to the legacy of Hogan. Not surprising since Callaway Co. buried the brand a few years ago.
    Speaking for myself, should I ever desire a set of Apex irons I’ll seek out a pre-owned set- one with the Forth Worth stamp positioned proudly on the hosel and BEN HOGAN hammered onto the back of the blade.
    What do you think… the Forged radical

  2. I would be ok with it if they intended to honor the tradition of Apex blade family. However, they seem to have gone a different route and just plugged in the next cavity backed half-plastic design… see here:

    So I’m afraid Callaway gets two thumbs down on this effort – an interesting opportunity missed.

    • Avatar of Jeff Stern Jeff Stern says:

      It is a darn shame that Callaway Corp. won’t simply put the right to the Ben Hogan brand up to sale. Permit someone else the honor to restore Hogan to the marketplace. It appears that Callaway has truly buried Ben Hogan, however his legacy and legend will live on despite Callaway’s desire to permently shelve this repected cleekmark.
      With some humility, the Forged radical

  3. Avatar of hickorychris hickorychris says:

    Haven’t been around for a while.
    Loved the advertising copy for the Apex 2s which has become my ‘tool of choice’ during the intervening period. I took the liberty of ‘lifting’ it and a facsimile appears on the reverse of my locker door in company with some other ‘uber kool’ stuff.
    The Apex 2 White Cameos have had added to their number the 56 and 60 degree BeCu wedges, which are similarly glorious. Don’t suppose you have some ad. copy for those as well????? lol.

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