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Another long work week is over and I’m pumped to watch The Masters this weekend!  Bummer about the big cat’s surgery but the world keeps turning.  I don’t really have any poignant analysis that you haven’t heard anywhere else.  As usual for the Masters, the top notch ballstrikers are the ones who have risen to the top of the leaderboard.  I love that there are some 50 somethings out there grinding their way around too – Mize, Langer, and Lyle!

I’ve really enjoyed the online coverage that Masters.com has provided.  The wide variety of channel options and minimization of sappy player-profile vignettes makes for a great blend of pure golf with modern technology.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the “On the Range” channel, I highly recommend it.  I grabbed a few videos from Saturday’s warmup.  I thought the crew here might enjoy this commentary on Brandt Snedeker’s driver:

Whenever I talk to somebody trying persimmon for the first time I tell them to try a bunch of drivers and then once you find the one that fits your swing you should hold onto it for dear life.  It sounds like Sneds is doing that with his modern driver, just like Snead did more than 60 years ago.  Just goes to show – modern era equipment companies love their pros to switch to the latest and greatest model every year.  Some players can do this and see no ill effects while others will struggle to adjust to the subtleties of each new set.  I recall Steve Stricker hung onto his 755′s for many years despite sponsor pressure. I remember this old video where Stricker is trying to think of some reason why the new cavity backs are better than his 755′s. He eventually thinks of something for Titleist to post but reading between the lines  I’m pretty sure he would have been just fine staying with his old set.


Here’s some more videos from the range, take em or leave em. I find it an interesting look at modern golf instruction.

Final thought: It’s worth checking out Robert Hunter’s piece on the Augusta short course (9 hole par-3) that MacKenzie designed but never built. It’s a unique design with no hazards, no fairways, just 9 large mowed areas that serve as both greens and the next tee box. Superb research and better writing than I could offer on the subject :)

Enjoy the weekend and hit em straight!


Watercolor plan: Neil Crafter
Short course plan: Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

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  1. Avatar of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie says:

    Nice round up again Riley! Managed to snag a couple of each way bets on Jimenez and Blixt so all good over here in UK! Did you see the GG logo on Rose’s bag ? That’s my club – Golf at Goodwood. He visits a few times a year and does junior coaching.

    • Nice intuition to bet on those Euros! I was pulling for Jiminez. It seemed kind of like a coming out party for Blixt – he got a ton of publicity over here in the states and there was a lot of chatter about the beauty of his swing. I can’t say I disagree. You mentioned Rose’s home course was Goodwood. He seems like a very down to earth guy who hasn’t let the fame mess with his head. Good on him for coaching up those juniors. I wish I had somebody like that coaching me!

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