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Well I suppose since it’s because I can’t afford the rare, highly sought after classic gear that I’ve turned to the funky and obscure stuff.   Here we have my latest find – a Wood Arts Gleneagles 1985 Commemorative Driver.    When I first saw this one I thought maybe it was one of Dave Wood’s pieces from before his Wood Bros days.   Not the case.  Wood Arts is a totally separate entity.   Dave Wood was nice enough to fill me in:


Your Driver was made in the 1980′s by “Wood Arts”. This was a Houston, Texas based company that produced some very beautiful custom woods. Their business was mostly directed towards high end, corporate promotion and custom products. 
They may have produced some woods from persimmon, but most of their woods were crafted from very exotic and rare, tropical hardwoods from south America and Asia. The beauty of exotic and rare hardwoods was the main selling feature of their business. One of their retail products that reached some regional success was branded “Beauwood”. It was a very dark, marbly and beautiful hardwood from the Amazon.


I don’t know if this model was made from any of the exotic woods described above but it certainly has a few features that I would describe as high end:

  • The Insert – It’s a a rare gamma fire red!  Not only that, but the glass/fiber layup was manufactured in such as a way as to yield a “bulls-eye” looking pattern of concentric circles that provides unique look and frames the ball well.

  • The Grip – A golf pride “Traction-Action” underlisting with a leather wrap on top.  But this isn’t a standard Neumann or Lamkin leather wrap.   It’s a slightly frayed, untanned (?) thin leather wrap with no “tack” or stain.  The finish looks frayed – it’s hard to explain but the pictures tell the tale.  I’ve never seen one quite like this before.


  • The Whipping – It’s gold!  Nothing more to say.  I didn’t get a good shot of the whipping up close but I have this action sequence of my dog stealing my golf ball.  Anyone seen gold whipping before?

As for the Gleneagles decal, Google tells me it’s  a country club in Plano, Texas.  They opened in 1985 so this was likely a limited run of custom drivers commissioned for the first year of the club.   Whoever ordered them must have wanted some very high end clubs because I haven’t seen another driver from the 80′s with more bells and whistles.   There is a stamp on the bottom that reads D-040.  Perhaps this was #40 out of 100?  Who knows.  It’s fitted with a dynamic stiff shaft and sits slightly open.  Not a very deep face but a lovely pear shape, no weight port.

We give a lot of love to the classic MacGregors and Wood Bros drivers and they deserve all the accolades they get, but there are some neat finds that can be had for cheap if you happen to get lucky!



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  1. Avatar of freddiec freddiec says:

    That’s an interesting club and a great find. I have seen a couple of wood arts before. Let us know how it plays

  2. Avatar of Jordan Jordan says:

    Worth it for the insert and grip alone. Nice find.

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