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To my fellow golf lovers,

The time has come for me to me to lay down both the keyboard and the clubs for a little while.  As several of you know, my wife and I are expecting our first child and I no longer have access to the time necessary to properly update the content on the front page of PGT.  Thus, it is with some trepidation that I am placing my updates on indefinite hiatus.

For those who may be new to the site – Persimmon Golf Today is my labor of love; a website dedicated to traditional golf, however one may define it, as seen through the filter of a decent but unspectacular amateur golfer based in California.  This site was updated regularly from October 2011 to July 2014.  I did my best to emphasize the positive aspects of traditional golf while trying hard to ignore both the tiresome squabbling of most internet golf forums and the ‘buy your game’, distance-driven plastic technology of the modern golf marketing machine that is contributing to the declining state of the game.  I am proud of the small but vibrant community that contributed to high quality content on the forum side and I will happily continue to pay for the servers to stay firing so the boards will remain available for viewing or for creation of additional new content.

Networking on this site and others has led to creation of my regular persimmon/blades playgroup, for which I am truly grateful. It is so much fun to watch the heads turn at the sound of a wooden driver cracking a low, solid drive down the first fairway and I always look forward to our next outing, regardless of location or how well we played last time. It’s just a game, after-all.

There is no doubt the traditional golf community is packed with creative, humble, and profoundly interesting characters.  I am so thankful for all the people I have met over the course of my work on this site, and look forward to meeting many more in the future.  If you ever find yourself in Northern California looking for a game, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’ll be happy to host and buy the first beer.

Keep em in the fairway,

Riley (PGT)

October 11, 2014



11 Responses to “Persimmon Golf Today”

  1. Avatar of lilhawk lilhawk says:


    I recently joined and absolutely love what you have done here. Congrats on the addition
    best wishes to your family. Sad to see you wont be posting for a while. From going to a short set to playing just persimmons and old blades and all the awesome articles and classic photos your site has really made the game that much more enjoyable.

    Hope to hear from you again


  2. Avatar of OG OG says:

    I have looked forward to opening the PGT website each day to see if you have posted anything. I agree that golf is being tainted by all of the technology and all the ancillary problems that it creates. I am playing persimmon and soon will play blades. Congratulations to you and your wife;best regrda ! I reside in northern Californis–chance to play?
    Look forwar to hearing from you again,

  3. Avatar of hickorychris hickorychris says:


    This is the second time I’ve said ‘good-bye. farewell, auf wiedersehn etc’ and I’m pretty sure it’s not the last.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed the second coming, even if I have had things on my plate which have prevented me from contributing as often as !st time around.

    Good luck with your new family.
    Your old one remembers you kindly and looks forward to your re-emergence,
    Best regards,
    Chris H. from Morecambe Bay, England

  4. “my wife and I are expecting our first child”
    Congratulations Riley. Donna and I hope Mrs. Riley and the baby stay healthy.

    Mr. Blair M. Phillips

  5. Avatar of Rami Valta Rami Valta says:

    Thanks for all your work Riley, and best of luck. This site was instrumental in my discovery of the joys of classic golf.

  6. Avatar of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie says:

    Always been a pleasure to browse the wonderful content on this site and “re-connect” with “proper” golf. It was certainly great to play with you, John and Newman at Northwood earlier this year. Congratulations and good wishes to you (and Emilie!) with the impending new arrival.
    Let me know where to send a contribution to the server costs.
    Best regards

  7. Avatar of freddiec freddiec says:

    Congrats Riley ! All the best my friend.

  8. Avatar of tim tim says:

    Riley, hope your family is well, you are a class act and always have admired the work you put into the site for the love of classic golf. Tim

  9. Avatar of Kirasdad Kirasdad says:


    Checked in on the site tonight, and saw your happy news about a new addition to you family. A hearty congratulations to you and your wife. I waited longer than most to get married and then in turn longer than most to have a child, but my daughter came along when I was 47 and it’s been just fantastic. Can’t imagine why it took me so long. Now she’s old enough to go with me for our weekly Sunday twilight outings where tomorrow I will be gaming my new to me 1962 Wilson Staff Turfriders. Got hem just recently and am having a ball playing them. Great clubs, and I got the notion to purchase a set from information that I read from your keyboard on this very site. It took me awhile to get around to it, but I did, and they are everything you said they were. Thanks for starting PGT and all the best on your new venture. It may have already have happened looking at the dates on here.

    Next time I bet up north I will give you a shout.

    All the best,

    John aka Kirasdad

  10. Thanks John and Tim, I appreciate the kind words. Enjoy the Turfriders and the quality time with your daughter. We’re having a girl too :)

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