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First Halloween! [9 months old]


[Almost] 4 month picture update:


For my friends who may still swing by this site every now and again – I’m happy to announce the arrival of my first child, a baby girl that we named Lilian. She was born on Sunday the 18th, a bit early but fiesty and healthy. She’s a pretty big girl at 8 lb 9 oz and 21 inches long. Mom is doing well in recovery and I’m quickly learning how to change diapers and collect spit-up! Unfortunately, the closest I’ll be to a golf course will be my TV on Sunday mornings. I wouldn’t trade it though… Really looking forward to this new adventure. Make some birdies for me!

12 Responses to “I’m a dad! As a result, this website is no longer updated on a regular basis. Please enjoy the back content while I figure out how to raise a child. Keep em in the fairway!”

  1. Avatar of tim tim says:

    Outstanding!! What a gorgeous little muffin, Enjoy!!

  2. Avatar of OG OG says:

    Congratulations!! That’s a good hold you have; the best for you and your family.

  3. Avatar of hickorychris hickorychris says:

    Lovely to see, many congratulations from a great fan. Welcome to the world, lil’ Lilian
    I visit fairly regularly, so pleased I did today. Cheers, Chris H.

  4. Avatar of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie says:

    Well done Riley and Emilie. Great picture ! Textbook grip I agree … :-)

  5. Avatar of 67 W693's 67 W693\'s says:

    Congratulations, Riley and family! Although we are all looking forward to your return to the keyboard, our priorities reflect excellent course management.
    By the way, I have two daughters. “Thank heaven for little girls” is surely the most underrated and understated cliche in our language!

  6. Avatar of 67 W693's 67 W693\'s says:

    Riley, I just looked at my post above. That should read “your priorities” and not “our priorities.”
    Congratulations, again!

    • No worries bud, I understood :) Thanks for the kind messages.

      • Avatar of 67 W693's 67 W693\'s says:

        I forgot to remark during my previous posts, that if that is indeed you holding Lilian in the photograph, I am surprised (make that stunned) to see how young you are.
        I started playing and caddying when JFK was President. I played junior, high school, college, and then a lot of scratch amateur golf after that…a lot of the scratch amateur golf being two-man best ball with my college teammate.
        He was also my Fraternity Brother, and a really strong player. I was always a couple of strokes better than he was because he did a lot a fundamental things wrong: poor gripper, wristy chipper, and a terrible putter.
        I spoke with him on the phone earlier this year and told him about this forum, and how much I enjoyed it. I also told him to look at the “What Is Standard” article and give me ome feedback; he was as impressed as I am.
        It is truly remarkable that you are so young and that you know so much about “real” golf and the history of it all.
        With a wish for s very special Mother’s Day wish for you and your family…

        • Thank you for the kind words – ya that’s me, I’m a young looking 34. Interestingly, most of the people I play “vintage” golf with are between 30 and 45. I think there is some genuine appeal to simplification for those of us who live, work, and breath technology and are constantly connected. Sports is kind of the last sanctuary from technology, except that in golf it isn’t. But soccer, baseball, and basketball have changed very little in terms of technology, at least in terms of how the game is played (as opposed to broadcast) and I think some younger people from my generation appreciate the ability to disconnect for a little bit. Of course some love Trackman and adjustable wrenches and GPS systems too – to each their own :)

  7. Avatar of javamatic javamatic says:

    Congratulations! And your site is absolutely wonderful, please keep it up.

  8. Avatar of 67 W693's 67 W693\'s says:

    It seems to me that you are figuring it out fine; what a great idea…tailoring Tiger’s driver cover into a Halloween costume for Lilian!
    Sincere good wishes for a great Holiday Season for you, for your family, for all close to you, and for all readers and members of this site!

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