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This Sunday provided us some beautiful weather in Northern California and a few of us decided to pack up the persimmons and blades to walk 18. I was lucky enough to link up with John Erickson and Dr. Zack Wood. Both these guys can swing a persimmon the way it was meant to be swung. Due to some untimely green punching at several classic tracks in the bay area, we wound up at Rancho Solano in Fairfield, CA. This course plays about 6600 yards and has a large amount of elevation change. The heat had the large greens running fast and we were all at a disadvantage in having little to no experience on this course. So while we all had it around even par at the turn, we left a few out there on the back nine. We certainly had a good time and there were quite a few memorable shots.

For me, the highlights were hitting the 1st green (par 5) in two right out of the gate, a 3-wood to 15 feet on the 230 yard downhill par 3 8th that never left the flag, and a late birdie on 17 the old fashion way: Driver, 4 wood, wedge, 1-putt. What I remember from my playing partners were some massive drives, some really compressed long irons, and a top shelf back-and-forth knowledge exchange that continued the entire round and even after. John obviously was comfortable using his Toney Penna off the deck as he put it out there nicely several times using only a bump of the turf to tee up on. I was certainly outclassed in the long iron category as these guys were crushing 1 and 2 iron into long par-5s while I had to lay up every time. John was great with explaining his thoughts and techniques as always. All in all it was a lot of fun and we noted several times the inherent joy in just hearing the sound of persimmon being well struck on a warm fall day. I was a bit caught up in the beautiful weather, good conversation, and chasing the white ball around so I didn’t exactly produce an Oscar winner here but the cell phone was sufficient to cobble together a few highlights.


9 Responses to “Persimmon Golf Outing – Rancho Solano 30 Oct 2011”

  1. Great video guys, very enjoyable. Great gear, nice swings and quality company…..sounds like an ideal day out!

  2. Avatar of St Hubbins St Hubbins says:

    Sounds like a great day. Would love to come along and join you guys sometime.

  3. Avatar of freddiec freddiec says:

    Great video! I really enjoyed that. Nice looking swings too.

  4. Thanks guys! Would love to meet up with you all sometime for a friendly round. Anyone have Las Vegas in mind for January? St Hubbins: are you in California too?

  5. Avatar of St Hubbins St Hubbins says:

    Hi Riley – unfortunately not, I am a loooong way away: New Zealand!

    By the way, coincidentally I went out for a few holes tonight with a mint Cleveland RC85 driver and 50s MacGregor M85W 3 wood in my bag – lo and behold, when I turned up at the club, the golf director told me that next week we’re going to be having a vintage club day using 5 clubs only. Period outfits too!

    • Avatar of St Hubbins St Hubbins says:

      I’ll post some pictures of our course sometime, too – the only one in NZ designed by Alister MacKenzie. Only 6,000m (6,600 yds) par 70 off the tips, but with a rating of 71.80 and slope of 128. One of the toughest short courses around and with a great set of greens – pretty wild in places. Putting is a lot of fun at our place. Very playable with persimmon too.

  6. That’s great St Hubbins! Do you know what you are going to put in the bag for that event?

    • Avatar of St Hubbins St Hubbins says:

      Cheers Riley,

      I think I’ll use the following:

      Mizuno TPW Persimmon Driver (12.5 deg)
      MacGregor Muirfield 20th 4I, 7I
      MacGregor Toney Penna CF4000 SW (black face model)
      MacGregor Muirfield heel shafted blade putter (Wilson 8802 style blade)

      Always tricky to work out the right mix for 5 club events, but my strategy is that the driver can also be used easily off the deck due to the relatively high loft, so it can replace a 3W for second shots on the long holes. You often end up with lots of 4I to 8I approaches at our course. A SW is a necessity due to the greenside challenges (lots of bunkers and mounds).

      Should be fun!

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