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Following a recent traditional golf outing here in California, we swung by the house of classic club repair man and collector Mike Rees. Mike has been collecting for more than 30 years and aside from being a really nice guy this man is truly an encyclopedia of golf club history. The shear volume of the collection is almost overwhelming but I found myself equally impressed with what appeared to be a genuine connection Mike had with each individual club. Browsing through his wooden racks I saw M85 drivers, Hogan Apex drivers, First Flight, Wilson, Stan Thompson; the list goes on and on. I was happy to get an impromptu lesson on classic putters and wedges with which I’m much less familiar.

As it turns out Mike is also a skilled club builder and has been working with John Erickson to offer golfers traditional gear in the modern age. The opposite side of his garage is a shop where stacks of clubs await length, loft, lie, weight, and offset adjustments. The man can even refinish! I had no interview prepared but was able to grab a few grab a few photos and video shorts for Persimmon Golf Today. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “Mike Rees – The Club Man!”

  1. Avatar of freddiec freddiec says:

    Great stuff. I think i bought a club of Mike one time on ebay a few years ago.

  2. Avatar of Sunset Flush Sunset Flush says:

    I really enjoy these little pieces. You can tell he cares a lot about his craft and his clubs. Nice work!

  3. Avatar of Neil - NRG Neil - NRG says:

    Mike is a top guy, he’s helped me out with some great little pieces of advice, we are lucky to have him here. Thanks for posting the video.

  4. [...] been supplied a nice agglomeration of hickories from our friend Mike Rees, John set out to adjust the unique clubs closer to his stringent equipment specifications.  [...]

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