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Whatever your thoughts on the state of modern professional golf, you have to admit it’s been a lot of fun watching the President’s Cup this week.  Royal Melbourne is one of only a few courses that can actually be the story.  This week’s happenings  inspired a bit of research by your humble correspondent on Dr. Alister MacKenzie and eventually I stumbled on some high quality material.  First up I’d like to share this comprehensive timeline of Dr. MacKenzie’s life and travels.  The timeline is on its 15th revision, painstakingly compiled from reliable sources by The Alister MacKenzie Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

The thing that jumps out most when browsing the timeline is just how many miles Dr. MacKenzie traveled.  But there is much more to the timeline than his flight schedule.  You can see where he ate, where he spent his free time, the competitive tournaments he entered, etc.  I bet you didn’t know that on July 20, 1907 Dr. MacKenzie shot 89, net 78 playing off an 11 handicap in the “Second Class” division of the Harrogate Cup.   I’ve never considered myself a MacKenzie fanboy but I’ve played (and thoroughly enjoyed) Pasatiempo, Northwood, and Sharp Park; all California MacKenzie designs.  This President’s Cup has really peaked my interest again and I might have to add some MacKenzie biographical material to my Christmas wish list.  It seems reasonable that any lover of  golf owes MacKenzie  respect and thanks for the gems he left behind.

From the timeline’s introduction:

“A timeline is more than a series of dry fact.  To read this timeline is to know MacKenzie the designer, and yet gain a window into the man.  With this timeline, we are given the gift of seeing, in a single sweep of pages, MacKenzie’s global, decades-long pursuit of excellence in design.  A pursuit that ended over 70 years ago, but whose ramifications and influence, improbably, continue down to our day.”

We are certainly enjoying MacKenzie’s legacy this week in Melbourne…

Alister MacKenzie Timeline (4.8mb)



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  1. Avatar of freddiec freddiec says:

    What a spectacular document! And so well compiled by the folks that did the research. It is amazing how much traveling Dr. Mackenzie did. I don’t think I’ve ever played one of his courses. Guys like him and Donald Ross were true visionaries and built such great golf courses that really have stood the test of time.

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