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Always fun to sneak a peak into the bags of the greatest players.  Below I’ve posted some bags from Masters winners of the mid 1990′s.  The 1990′s were a particularly interesting time because persimmon was phasing out but solid core balls still hadn’t made the impact that they would eventually realize in the 2000′s.  Forged blades still ruled the day though.


Bernhard Langer- 1993 Masters Winning Bag

Driver: Wood Brothers Texan (click HERE for more info on BL’s preferences).  Specs: 43.5’’, x100, 9 deg, D4

Irons: Ping Eye (1 iron), Wilson Staff Tour Blade (3-pw).  5 iron specs: 37.5’’, x100, D2

Wedges: Wilson Dyna-Powered (!) SW, Cleveland PW

Putter: Ping Anser


José María Olazábal- 1994 Masters Winning Bag

Driver: TM Burner.  Specs: 44’’, 9.5deg, [no swingweight listed]

Irons: Maruman Blades “304E” (1-pw).  5 iron specs: 38’’, x100, D1

Wedges: Maruman SW

Putter: Ping Anser


Ben Crenshaw- 1995 Masters Winning Bag

Driver: King Cobra .  Specs: 44’’, EI70 X Flex, D3, 9deg

Irons: Walter Hagen Blades (2-4, 6-pw).  4 iron specs: 37.5’’, S400, [no swing weight listed]

Wedges: Wilson Dyna-Powered SW, Cobra LW

Putter: Wilson 8802 / Cleveland 8802 style “Designed by Ben Crenshaw”


Nick Faldo- 1996 Masters Winning Bag

Driver: Mizuno T-Zoid .  Specs: 43.625’’, x100, D4, 8.5 deg

Irons: Mizuno TP-19 (2-pw).  5 iron specs: 38.625’’, x100, D4

Wedges: Mizuno TP-19 SW (?) He has 15 clubs in this bag so it’s hard to tell what he actually gamed

Putter: Odyssey Rossie II


Tiger Woods- 1997 Masters Winning Bag

Driver: King Cobra .  Specs: 43.625’’, x100, 8.5 deg, D3

Irons: Mizuno MP-29 (2-4), MP-14 (5-pw).  5 iron specs: 37.75’’, x100, D3

Wedges: Cleveland 588 RTG SW, LW

Putter: Scotty Cameron


Tiger Woods- 1998 Bag

Driver: Titleist 975D .  Specs: 43.75’’, x100, 6.5deg, D3

Irons: Titleist “Tour Model” Blades (2-pw).  3 iron specs: 38.75’’, x100, D2.5

Wedges: Vokey prototypes SW, LW

Putter: Scotty Cameron

Source: May 1998 “Golf Classic” Magazine

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  1. Avatar of Neil - NRG Neil - NRG says:

    Interesting to see where Faldo put the lead tape out there high up on the toe. You would have thought he could have had Mizuno make a set for him that he liked. I’ve heard stories such as he would have his clubmaker remove the paint from the grips cause he didn’t like the look of the white paint, then reject them cause he didn’t like the feel of them without the paint.

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