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Monthly Archive for November, 2013

Odds and Ends

Just some off-season happenings in the world of traditional golf… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The ninth annual World Hickory Open Championship completed play not too long ago.  Montrose Medal Course (1562!) hosted the competition and by all accounts the weather showed up to challenge the participants in proper “Open Championship” style.  Despite the harsh conditions, initial [...]

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Winter Bag

Well, I’ve gotten a few requests for pictures of the winter gear.  And who am I to say no…  everyone loves a good “What’s In the Bag”, right?! Now that tournament season is over I wanted to get back to basics.  Simple, elegant, no-nonsense gear and no more of it than necessary.  The goal is [...]

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White Woods Sighting(s)!

PGT member Tim aka Teevons was nice enough to share a little project of his – a rework of (perhaps) the rarest article in the world of persimmon golf clubs.  For those who don’t know, the WW Special is the 1909 Honus Wagner of classic clubs.  The WW Specials date to 1954 and were available [...]

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