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Why sign up for the site? For starters, signing up enables a chat feature that lets you talk to other members easily without the time delay of private messaging.  This is a great for catching up with friends and coordinating meetups.  Signing up also enables posting on the forums.

Our community (forums) section here at Persimmon Golf Today might be a bit different from what you’re used to seeing on other sites. This page will quickly show you how the groups, forums, profiles, and activity streams work. It’s very simple.

Step 0: Email me and ask for the answer to the security question. You will need to fill in the answer as part of the user signup (Step 1). My email is persimmongolftoday@gmail.com and it may take me up to 24 hrs to send you the answer but usually it will be much faster than that. This is to keep spammers off the site.

Step 1: Sign up for the site. Use the “Sign Up” tab in the upper left. Fill in a username and password (username in upper left is just for logging in). The check boxes in the lower left are for groups you want to join (we’ll talk more about groups later). We recommend joining all the groups during this signup but you can always join later too. The whole right side of the signup page is your profile. The profile name is the name that shows up on all your posts. After completing signup page, just confirm your registration by checking your email for the automatic message.

Step 2: Sign in (and check out your profile if you want): Sign in using the username and password you filled out during signup. Once signed in, you can edit your profile (to add an avatar, fill in or change profile fields, etc.) using the dropdown menu from the upper command bar.

Step 3: Sign up for Groups or view the Groups you already joined: There isn’t just one single forum here at PGT. There is one forum for each group. If you checked the “Fan Of” boxes during signup then you have already joined some groups. If not, you can join up now. Either way, check out the different groups by clicking on the “Groups” tab on the top of the frontpage.

This will show you all the Groups that we have here at PGT. If you want email updates on group activities (like posts in the group’s forum) then use the link on the right of the group.

Go ahead and click on one of the Groups. This will take you into that Group’s activity feed.

This home/activity page shows you all the recent activity within the group and it even has a field that says “What’s new in [Group Name], [Your Name]?”. You would use this if there was an activity that you wanted to update the group’s members on…for example “Party at Arnie’s House Tonight, 9PM, bring your own ale!” but it’s not the forum for the group where all the threads are. I realize this is somewhat counter-intuitive and it should be that when you click on the Group you are immediately taken to the forum. We may look into changing this and also reducing the total number of groups (and therefore number of forums). Fortunately, you’ll see see shortly there’s an easy way to view activity in all the Forums (for all the Groups) in one click but for now keep reading on how to see a particular Forum for a particular Group…

Step 4: Find the Group’s Forum: To get to the group’s forum you need to click on the “Forum” Tab within the group (see image below).

Now you’re in the Group’s Forum where you can view and reply to any threads you want or start new threads.

Easy right? But there are other ways to navigate too… From the front page you can click straight on the “Forum” Tab instead of going to a particular group.

This shows a list of all the active threads from the Forums of the Groups you are a member of. This is similar to the “View Active Threads” on some other websites. You can jump to a particular post by clicking on the post name.

Now you’ve got it! There are a lot of other capabilities that won’t fit here but are pretty self explanatory. Send me a private message if you have any other questions (click on my member name to see my profile then click on “private message” under my name, next to my avatar.

Hope this helps!

One last note on adding images to your posts: use the “add attachment” icon in the thread editor to upload an image or file. If you want the image to actually appear in the thread (instead of being an attachment that the reader must open) then be sure to click “insert into editor” after uploading the file.

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