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Any love for laminates? (1 post)

  • Profile picture of TremendousSlouch TremendousSlouch said 2 years, 3 months ago:

    I was recently bought some vintage laminates from my local Savers (2 Ping Eye drivers, and a 3 & 5 wood Macgregor laminate, all together cost $10). ¬†After hitting them a little bit, I found that they have feel, that to me, is superior to anything except maybe my solid persimmons, and that is only a very marginal difference (to me at least). It’s even possible that the feel in difference is all in my mind simply because the solid persimmons are prettier (although the MacGregors are pretty good looking for a set of laminates). ¬†Just wanted to see if anyone else had any positive experiences with laminate woods?