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Persimmon Golf Today – Post Updates on Your Weekly Experiences in Traditional Golf (315 posts)

  • Profile picture of Persimmon Golf Today Persimmon Golf Today said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Ok so here’s the deal.  Many  of us work during the week and have a chance to golf on the weekends.  Here’s the thread to shoot a quick update on your play for the week (or weekend).  Let’s be honest about our outings and use this thread to track our equipment, quality of play, enjoyment, and any particular details of note from your play in the last week.  I thought it might be best to post all updates in this thread rather than start a new one for each week.


    If I’m the only one posting it will just be a lot of my golf thoughts and be pretty boring but it might be fun to see what other people are doing from week to week, month to month on the course.  It’s not about how good you are, it’s just fun to see how people are tweaking their bags, what they’re working on in their games, and how they getting enjoyment from a game we all love.

  • Profile picture of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Great idea for a thread .. and the first weekend since mid August that I am not playing! Watching Nadal vs Djokovic instead today (sacrilege I know …)

  • Profile picture of Persimmon Golf Today Persimmon Golf Today said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Played the home course today.  Unfortunately I forgot that I pulled my persimmon driver out of the bag last night to photograph the face for the “range balls” piece on the frontpage so I had the titanium driver, Cleveland Classics 3w, 80′s Wilson blades, hagen wedge at 56 and a Feel 60 degree…standard bag for me.  Struck the ball OK out of the gate and was even through 6 but made the turn at +3.  Drove it well with the grapefruit headed driver but overly conservative on several approaches, missing in the proper spot but couldn’t make easy up and downs.  Putter not cooperating late in the round.  Finished on 80, 1 double bogey and 1 birdie, and my buddy sank a 20 footer on 18 to beat me by 1 and win $1 (symbolic bet).  Hit two really good 3 wood approaches on a long par 4 and a par 5 with the TC15.   Could have been a solid round, not worried about swing or bag at this time, need to be more aggressive and putt better. Unbelievably beautiful day for January and very enjoyable round with good friends.

  • Profile picture of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Sounds like a solid round Riley. Did you consider just using the 3-wood off the tee to keep the classic theme going? What’s the yardage of your home course btw ?

  • Profile picture of Chris B Chris B said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Don’t play that much this time of year so thought I’d better add my contribution while I could! We have a small golf society in out village which goes out once a month and last Friday saw us at Rutland County GC. A 6400ish parkland layout that isn’t too challenging but still needs careful playing. Took out the Dyna Power irons and a driver / 4 wood Hogan Apex. Well wrapped up in the wind and 4 degC weather.

    An average to slow start saw a few greens and putts missed and a turn at +4. Bumpy greens made the putting tough but not as hard as I made it!!

    A better back 9 meant I came home even for a steady 75. A couple of highlights from the round that show the versitility of persimmon that I love:  Short par 4 12th playing 275 cutting the corner down the wind. High floating driver to the middle of the green felt great! The 3 putt for par afterwards didn’t mind you.

    The 14th is about 360 and back into the wind with OOB all down the left and fairway bunkers right. A head high driver down the right left 145 to the flag. A solid punched 6 iron to about 4 feet and a holed putt (finally!!) and the only birdie of the day.

    I find the vintage clubs let me hit these sorts of different shots whereas the more modern clubs are so much more difficult to change the ball flight. Not that it always works mind you but its fun to try!!

  • Profile picture of Persimmon Golf Today Persimmon Golf Today said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Thanks Chris, it will be fun to track our thoughts over time and hoepfully more people will chime in once spring truly rolls around.  It will be interesting to see how bags are tweaked, how we deal with adversity, and create a record of regular folks enjoying traditional golf over time.  We’ll see how it turns out. Nothing wrong with 75 by the way! Cheers man.


    Blade- I did consider it but just decided against it.  I’m not opposed to using the titanium thing every once in a while and like to play the city championship in the late summer with it because I’m playing against the big boys.  My ideal would be 4 or 5  rounds of persimmon for every 1 with titanium/graphite.

  • Profile picture of freddiec freddiec said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Good rounds guys. This is a great thread. I like Chis am not on the course this time of year, although Jan was very warm and got to his some balls at my local course. Looking fwd to adding to the thread once spring rolls around. I plan on playing almost exclusively with Persimmon this season, except when i make my bi annual trip to my favorite course an hour away which is a Jack Nick Jr. longer track. Riley, btw, just saw a really super TC15 driver sell on the bay for 10 bucks. Wish I grabbed it, looked nice.

  • Profile picture of Persimmon Golf Today Persimmon Golf Today said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Week of February 4, 2012:


    Tee off in 3hrs.  Rained last night so it should be wet… the most challenging conditions for traditional gear as the low bounce irons stick in the ground and persimmon drives don’t roll out.  Might pack a 2 wood for more height off the tee.  Will update later today.

  • Profile picture of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Plenty of overnight rain but no snow where I live, but I just drove 8 miles to my club and both courses are covered in snow and closed – so no golf for me today. Snow on the central south coast of England is very  rare.


    I had been going to take account of the wet conditions and play my “modern” classic bag (= woods are still made and replaceable if they get water penetration), which is Louisville Smart Driver (9.5 degree), Louisville Thumper Max 3-Wood, Louisville Niblick #4 and #5, Srixon Pro-100 3-PW blade irons from 2006, and Cleveland Reg.588 53 and 60 wedges.  Had also planned on giving a first outing to a Spalding Cash-In putter that I picked up for £2 yesterday at the local council ‘Household Waste Recycling Centre’ (or the rubbish dump as we used to call it before the PC crowd took over the naming conventions).


    So all that will have to wait until the course is open again.


    In the parallel universe, where the weather is fine, I did of course break the course record today.


    I hope some of you were able to get a game this weekend!

  • Profile picture of Neil - NMM Neil – NMM said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Golf course closed due to ice!!! Of course I didn’t realise until I got there. Wouldn’t mind but the car is being fixed so had to get the services of taxi, which I promptly told to turn around and take me home, what a way to to spend a fiver! Grrr.and Brrrrr!!!

  • Profile picture of Persimmon Golf Today Persimmon Golf Today said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Saturday 2/4:  Played 18 at the home track. Perfect weather, 70 and sunny.  Same, standard bag setup with TP1W driver, Cleveland 3W, early 80′s Wilson blades.  Started off strong even through 4 but driver betrayed me going into the turn.  Made a couple long putts but they canceled with 3 putts as the pins were set in the toughest possible spots.  Lackluster back nine with driving that didn’t improve and had to chip back into the fairway a couple times. Poor finish with 4 straight bogies for 81.  Frustrated with swing and performance today.


    Sunday 2/5:  Played 18 at home track.  Perfect weather again, 65 and overcast.  Traded out driver for a Mac M43T on a whim.  Started off with 2 for 2 greens in regulation and solid lags for par then made a nice up and down on hole 3 to keep the momentum.  3 consecutive solid GIR pars got me thinking it could be a special round but a stray drive derailed things leading to 8 which is a tough long hole.  Pulled drive left me 195 in and played a low drawing 3 wood the went through the green but was memorable as it curved just as planned, low and under a tree. Made turn at +2.  3 putt for bogie on 10 but then played Driver – 2 iron to the back of the number 1 handicap long par 4 11th for a par.  The next five holes all saw birdie putts within 15 feet narrowly miss.  Irons really on point and was making good decisions.  Bogie par finish for +4 76 with no birdies.  Best round in a while left me with a good feeling and the M43 earns some more time in the bag, at least until the Texan arrives… even made it home for Superbowl kickoff.

  • Profile picture of freddiec freddiec said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Nice 76 Riley. Would like to see a pic of that M43, thats a great driver!  I had one once and its on my list of what the *&&^% did I sell it. 

  • Profile picture of Persimmon Golf Today Persimmon Golf Today said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Took next Friday off work to play Harding Park in San Francisco, home of the President’s Cup 2 years ago and the Schwab Cup Championship.  Excited to debut the Texan (weather permitting).

  • Profile picture of Persimmon Golf Today Persimmon Golf Today said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Friday 2/10: Took a PTO day from work to play TPC Harding Park.  I had played it a couple times before and had mixed impressions.  A variety of factors conspired against me gaming my new Texan, the most urgent of which involved the rainy weather.  So I was with modern driver, persimmon 3 wood, staff blades, etc.  Bogey on 1st after driving into rough, then another bogie on the easy par 3 3rd.  Played 3 good shots on the #1 handicap par 5 for a par and cruised along at 2 over until 8. Swing was warmed up and feeling good but a 3 putt there and an overly conservative approach on 9 had me making the turn at +4.  Par – bogie on 10,11 so arrived at the short par 5 12th (480 yd. par 4 for the pro’s) at +5.  Poor driver swing but still ended up long in fairway from forgiving club.  Then hit probably the best 3 wood of my life, perfect trajectory 4 yard draw off the right bunkers finishing int the fringe on the narrow strip of turf right in front of the green.  Chipped to 4 feet but lipped out the putt for a big letdown.  Two more bogies against 4 pars coming in for an 80 with no birdies, no double bogies.


    Thoughts: Hit many drives today that turned out great but were not reflective of the poorish swings I made.  Unsatisfying. Had some memorable shots and managed game pretty well.  Need to break out of this pattern of solid golf with low birdie counts.  When I was playing skins regularly I was making 2-4 birdies per round.  Our group got a slow play warning from the marshall and we deserved it.  2 guys in my group had these elaborate pre-shot routines that went as follows:  Calculate yardage with GPS, factor in wind, slope, etc. (20 sec) Visualize shot (10 sec), pull club (10 sec), visualize again (10 seconds), 3 practice swing behind ball (20 sec), hit shot (10 sec).  Round took about 5 hrs with nobody in front of us. On short shots this might involve walking ahead to examine the landing area.  I was losing my cool and trying to make up for their slow play by taking my shots with 1 quick practice swing and go.  3 word summary of TPC Harding Park: Good not great.

  • Profile picture of Blade Junkie Blade Junkie said 5 years, 10 months ago:

    Got to play 18 in the ice and snow at Cowdray Park in West Sussex yesterday, a par 70 5,972 yard downland layout that was playing temporary greens and probably about 5,500 yards as a result. Conditions, as you can see from the attached photos, could best be described as “wintry”.


    All the clubs I had were being used for the first time.


    Irons: Tad Moore Star OA

    Woods: Tad Moore Star OA

    Putter: Charles L Miller blade hickory putter (1920s)

    Ball: Wilson DX2 in Yellow

    Bag: Bennington Cart Bag and 3-Wheel Trolley

    Whisky: Johnny Walker Black Label


    Temperature: -4 degrees centrigrade (25 degrees F)

    Wind: 5mph

    Ground: 1 inch of snow (patchy in places) ; topsoil frozen

    Tees : Mostly normal, but impossible to insert tee peg

    Greens: “agricultural” (I suppose they were very appropriate for hickory play!). Some permafrost; some covered in snow.


    Golfers: 4-ball sunday hacker crew. handicaps 18 (me), 22, 24, 28.

    Rules: We decided for a laugh to play the ball as it lay … everywhere. So several putts that ended up as snowballs – a massive swing and it would go about 6 feet. No gimmes were permitted.


    200 yard drive uphill on 1st (longest drive!) ; then a jigger to pin high right and a chip and 2 putts


    The 2nd: good hole, stroke index 1 – 414 yards – made 5


    One of the better greens


    I managed an 84 (+14), which included a 9 on a par-4 and made two birdies.


    The Star OA 3-Star driver is immense – a club I would willingly have in any bag to play any course. A lovely low trajectory with a nice draw was my stock shot, with a couple of hooks that I will have to watch out for (grip is a bit small as I usually play mid-size). Screwed up twice with it, one skier when I couldn’t get the tee peg in and came right under the ball (fortunately no sky mark!) and another when I slipped and swung inside the ball and popped it 100 yards and right.


    When it went though, boy did it go.


    Round Highlights

    Holes 6,7,8 Par Par Birdie. Birdie was on a par 5 – Driver, Spoon (3W), Niblick (SW) to 2 feet. Holed Putt.

    6th & 10th: 240 yard drives.

    12th: 290 yard drive, Niblick chip to 5 feet (nearly holed it). Holed putt Birdie

    14th: Hit Deep face Mashie (6-iron) to 8 feet. Missed putt. Par

    16th: 280 yard drive; Niblick to 5 feet. Missed putt. Par

    17th: Par 3. Hit Spade Mashie (8-iron) to 8 feet. Missed putt. Par

    7th and 18th: Up and down for Par, using the Niblick.


    The niblick is a great club. One of the best wedges I’ve ever used. I had alot of control with it. I really liked the “new” putter as well.

    All in all it was a great day out. The conditions took some getting used to and I think I was mentally was holding off a bit on the early holes with iron shots as I was worried about breaking the shafts (the ground beneath the snow was like a slab of concrete). As a result I was hitting a lot of slices with the longer irons. As I got into the round, and got more used to the clubs and the conditions, I started hitting better iron shots. All the woods were excellent. Had 4 fairway wood shots and they were all very solid. I actually even putted very well considering the state of the greens!


    I think I’d be comfortable playing this hickory set on any course, and would feel confident that I could play/score normally. Am really looking forward to trying them all out under normal conditions.